Exclusive Partnerships

BBDS Provides the Following Services:


  • Website Design & Development
    • Strong page level SEO
    • Intelligent forms with signature block
    • Listings System
    • Ask the Expert
    • Website Chat Services
  • Google AdWords PPC Mgmt.
  • Email Marketing & List Building
  • Direct Mail & List Building
  • Targeted Telemarketing
  • Referral Relationship Building
  • Social Media Account Mgmt
    • Maintenance Services (FB, YouTube, etc..)
    • Aggressive LinkedIn Farming
  • Seminar Production
  • Content Production / Posts


We are looking to Work with One Broker per market segment in each City/Region!

BDDS will present you with a tailored proposal for your practice, geography and based upon what you are already doing for marketing and lead generation. 

We can provide a full website, or use your existing.  We can help drive traffic to your website if you need more, or focus on converting the existing traffic to become leads.  We can go after new opportunities in a pro-active manner rather than wait for the business owners to search the web.

BBDS can become your in-house lead generation partner dedicated to finding you sellers and buyers!

Skin in the Game! – We provide a revenue share model if you’re interested.  You will start with a initial investment, and then a monthly fee that covers your share of the marketing efforts. When you complete a transaction from one of our leads and earn a success fee, we will earn our small percentage. We earn as you earn! A true Partnership!

What do you have to lose?  Complete the form below and we will present you with a detailed proposal.

Don’t wait and lose your city, check out availability & get a tailored proposal now!

STEP ONE -> We help you address the needs of finding prospective business sellers when they are on the web looking for a Broker. We’ll use aggressive SEO, and AdWords to bring these prospective sellers into a localized business broker site designed to encourage these visitors to make contact! A site that doesn’t look like all the other broker sites with the same basic info for the sellers and buyers!

STEP TWO -> And much more important than Step One, we help you go after the prospective sellers and buyers that are NOT searching on the web! This group of your targets far outweigh the searchers, and you can get in front of them before they come across another Broker!

So, what is your next step? Simply complete the form below, and we’ll get back to you promptly and let you know if your city is available for a partnership! If it is, we’ll provide you with a complete proposal on how we can work together and how we can help you build your firm!


No obligation on your part, so you certainly have nothing to lose to learn more.