To improve your customer experience you need to meet and go beyond your customer’s expectations when communicating with them. Companies that deliver a good customer experience see an increase in customer loyalty, which in turn leads to higher sales.

Live chat is one of the most dynamic ways to communicate with your customers. With live chat you can turn every interaction with visitors on your website into a memorable experience and build longer lasting relationships.

What is live chat?

Live chat is an online communication tool that you add to your website. This tool allows the people that visit your website to engage with your company; whether they want to ask questions, need help with navigation or want to find valuable information.

With live chat, you can answer questions on the spot and in real-time, giving customers the instant gratification they are looking for. Not only that, your customers receive a response much faster than the standard communication channels, such as email, where a response can take up to hours or even days!

It’s because of this reason why customer satisfaction rates for chat as a customer service communication channel are as high as 73% – where email and social media only scored 61% and 48% respectively.

Customer satisfaction ratings for live chat

5 ways to use chat to improve the customer experience

There are several live chat benefits and live chat has been proven to increase sales, generate new leads and improve customer satisfaction rates. In this article we will share five ways that you can use live chat to provide a better customer experience.

1. Help more customers and deliver a fast service in real-time

When your customers are looking for support, they demand instant answers.

And the main reason why consumers use live chat is because they get their questions answered immediately.

Why is Live Chat Preferred?

Any delays mean you risk losing customers.

In fact, slow response times are cited as one of the top 3 reasons why customers leave.

By using live chat, you can respond to customers quickly.

A chat agent, a person who responds to chats, is able to handle as many as 6 chat sessions at one time. Therefore, more customers will be getting the answers they are looking for, without having to wait for too long.


3. Answer questions to eliminate doubts and fears

With chat on your website, you can help people to navigate to the right place when they are looking for specific pages or products. Therefore, it makes sense to add chat to the pages that your customers visit the most. For example, you can start by adding chat to your pricing, product, and support pages.

With chat on these pages, customers can ask you specific questions about the product they intend to buy and you can answer them in real time, which simplifies the buying process. A chat agent can explain the differences and advise the potential customer on the product that is most suitable.

Overall, live chat keeps your customers happy and returning – and that means more sales as 44% of consumers say that having a live person answer their questions while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.

By making chat visible, people can easily find help when they need it, which will make their browsing experience much more pleasant.


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